NZ TV won't air ads for geo-unblocking ISP

Callum writes, "A New Zealand ISP has had its TV ads rejected by multiple NZ TV Networks (there are three in total, bless) citing a possible 'breach of copyright'."

The ads from Slingshot promote a free IP geo-unblocking service that lets users access sites such as Netflix, Hulu and BBC iplayer that are not available in New Zealand. Coincidentally, at least two of the networks have all just launched or are planning to launch their own Netflix-like services.

Mediaworks joins Sky, TVNZ in banning Slingshot ads [NZ Herald]

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  1. PSA: Tor is easy to detect, as in if you are using it. It is great for obscuring your message, obscuring where you are, but not that you are trying to obscure yourself. I support Tor, but would never let a node touch a regulated service. If you want to defeat people like me tunnel openvpn thriugh tor to a target-local ec2 instance. Nobody will notice.

    ...did I just give away a trade secret? smile

  2. aeon says:

    If you bear in mind that there are 90-odd world cities that have more population than the whole of the nation of New Zealand, then 3 whole TV networks of our own seems like quite an achievement. wink

    But I reckon Slingshot can only win from this — the publicity around the banning is far more noticeable than the passing reference to the geo-unlocking feature in the ad.

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