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This powerful photograph was captured by Whitney Curtis for The New York Times. "In another day of demonstrations, protesters chanting 'Don’t shoot!' marched in front of the St. Louis County prosecutor’s office on Tuesday, demanding the arrest of a police officer who shot and killed an unarmed black teenager."

Notable Replies

  1. No, it really doesn't because they think these kids "deserve it" because they are "thugs"... because they buy the thug narrative that Fox News, and frankly, most of the media pushes. I like to point out the oscar that Denzel Washington got... it wasn't for his awesome performance as Malcolm X, was it. Not, it was as a "gangsta/thug/corrupt cop" figure. It codified for much of white America what they think black people are "reallly like". These images of protesters, they don't see people angered by decades/centuries of brutality at the hands of the white establishment or pissed because an innocent kid got shot for no reason.... they see black "thugs" who are ungrateful that they are living in "the greatest country god ever gave the world", as that smug asshole Sean Hannity put it. These images and events don't annoy the wingnuts, because they see heroic cops, saving white america (the real america, in their mind) from a threat.

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