Nomiku's new wifi enabled sous vide circulator

The New Nomiku

In addition to giving away a sous vide circulator on this week's Boing Boing Gadgets podcast, today our pals at Nomiku are announcing their next generation, wi-fi enabled circulator!

I use my Nomiku often. I am a huge fan. Hard boiled eggs, steak, fish, chicken, literally everything I have tried comes out fantastic. If I had any complaint it'd be that the current model Nomiku needs too large a pot to be used for just one or two people with California's drought on. The new model appears to answer that problem handily, being of a smaller form factor. Additional upgrades are easier cleaning and wi-fi connectivity. I am not sure how the wifi will add to the flavor or texture of slow cooked food, but I'm open to trying.

Nomiku kickstarted their first circulator to great effect and have chosen to raise funds for the improved model there.

I can not recommend their current model highly enough. If you can wait for it, this new smaller sized unit promises to be a champ!

New Nomiku Sous Vide - WiFi-Connected and Made in the USA!

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Notable Replies

  1. I'd be worried about hot spots.

  2. Got to admit, my first reaction also was "why wi-fi" but it makes sense. The device itself only has the most basic brain and interface in it. With wi-fi, you can use a more robust interface on your tablet or traditional computer to program the device. Instead of always entering time and temperature, you could enter the food and have the interface program look up and set the right parameters.

    You can also set up programs to make it hold a specific temperature for x hours and then change to a different temperature for y hours. Since sous vide is all about what reactions happen for specific parameters, there may be new recipes made possible by chaining different reactions together.

  3. I love sous-vide (or constant temperature, more accurately) cooking and have been doing it for many years at this point, but the idea of a wifi enabled sous vide device seems frankly silly to me. Even when I have been doing a long (let's say my 72 hour short ribs) cook, I've never even considered needing such a feature. I'd love to hear a valid use case, but I suspect that both nomiku and anova did it "because it's cool".

  4. Chipsa says:

    It's not just bulkier. It's significantly bulkier. It goes from being something you can stash in a cupboard, to something that ends up on your counter all the time. Even when you don't need it.

    Also, it doesn't have a circulator. So you don't have as even of a temperature throughout the water bath. Instead, you end up with a gradient, and convection cells forming in the bath. This leads to poorer results.

    I'll stick to my Sansaire that's half the price, and can be shoved next to my blender in the cupboard.

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