Fantastic chicken, roasted vertically

Years ago I was introduced to the Spanek Vertical Roaster. It is amazing. Essentially, you're making "beer can chicken" but without the beer can. This really is a never fail method of roasting chicken.

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  1. If you stand in the middle of the smoker with a duck, don't you get hot?

  2. What if I'm the smoker?

  3. Start the duck off with a couple of wine coolers. That should loosen him up. Then you can move on to the whisky and gin. He'll be lit in no time.

  4. That's so 2014. I'm cooking my chicken vertically in an automated sous vide machine, which is then packed horizontally into a smoker, then garnished with a free trade, no spray, sustainable sprig of rosemary grown in the Andes.

  5. -1 for not be a locovore. Next time, start with a duck you raised in your apartment and garnish with an heirloom strain of rosemary grown in your community garden.

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