Boy lived in Walmart

creditA 14-year-old boy decided to live inside a Walmart and did so, remaining in the store for several days before being discovered. He built "secret makeshift lairs" and changed clothes often to avoid being noticed, according to reports, at the huge outlet in Corsicana, Texas.

Customers who walked down the aisles where the teen was living never noticed two hidden compounds where the boy was able to store necessities, sleep in a makeshift bed and and eat items taken from inside the store. He created a crack in the back wall of the drink aisle to grab juice and even collected a fish from the pet department. ... Sources said the 14-year-old was so concerned about being caught he wore diapers instead of using the store restroom. Eventually, a trash trail led to the teen’s discovery.

The boy's mother says he has a history of running away to hide in "abandoned houses, businesses and creeks."