Video: GOP congressman says Ferguson protesters of 'a single continental origin'

Speaking on conservative internet TV show NewsMax, Rep. Steve King said that he was not concerned that police in Ferguson, Missouri were racially profiling protesters, because all of these protestors appeared to be of a "single origin, a single continental origin might be the way to phrase that." Starts about 2:10 in to this video.

King added that he wants to "reject race-based politics, identity politics" because "we're all God's children and we all should be held to the same standards and the same level of behavior."

And then he name-dropped Dr. Martin Luther King.

"It's pretty close to anarchy there."

Notable Replies

  1. ...and that single continent is North America.

  2. I think the current theory is Africa, not North America.

    At least, as I understand it, my ancestors came from Africa, even if they did spend a few dozen millenia in northern Europe (acquiring a mutation affecting melanin production in the skin in the process).

  3. Rep. King is having softballs served up to him by a friendly interviewer, and the best he can do is "a single continental origin" ?

    Christ, what an asshole!

  4. I love how his weasel wording changes nothing too. His statement is "It doesn't matter what the police do because they're only black folks", and finding obtuse euphemisms for "black" doesn't change that.

  5. Only if there's actual enforced consequences for any damage to those cameras, loss of the footage, or the camera "failing to record".

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