Whole new vibe at today's Ferguson protest. And by vibe we mean less tanks, guns, tear gas.

After broad condemnation for heavy-handed, violent response to mostly peaceful protests--including President Obama--authorities in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson have changed their approach to protests. The demonstrations are in response to the police killing of Michael Brown, an unarmed black teen who was shot dead by an officer five days ago. Below, tweets from people to follow today, for a sense of how things feel on the ground. Our coverage archives are here. In related updates, attorney General Eric Holder today spoke with Brown's mother and father.

Notable Replies

  1. Eksrae says:

    It took a lot of public shaming to get to this point. Who would have though that social media had a use beyond goofy cats and dick pics?

  2. So when the state police take over, things begin to get sane. Maybe a sign that the local yokels need their toys taken away...enough gear for 10 guys in case you have a real problem, but call the big boys if things get out of hand. From what I can see, past the original incident, what made this more tense was all that war gear.
    The irony is that the actual Army would have done a much better job at reducing tensions.

  3. Or it could be a sign that the Black guy leading the state police treats the community differently than the all White local police force whose head flies the confederate flag.

    This was not caused by the gear/militarization. Those are problems, and that's what caught a lot of people's attention nationally, but that wasn't the cause.

  4. I'm having a hard time imagining those officers being able to perform their roles once the state troopers leave. It's probably best if the entire department is scrapped and a new one hired.

  5. You are right.

    Captain Johnson was not afraid to walk up to innocent people who were grieving, without a gas mask on, and hug them.

    May he one day be Governor of Missouri, because so far it looks like he could do a better job.

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