A Map of the Introvert’s Heart By an Introvert

 Gemma Correll

Gemma Correll

We missed this wonderful illlustration when it hit the internet last month, but how timeless is Gemma Correll's map of an introvert's heart?

More cool stuff in Medium's "I Love Charts" archives.

Notable Replies

  1. spejic says:

    That's the name of a ship that visits the island occasionally, but doesn't stay.

  2. Eksrae says:

    Self Checkout Lanes, one of my favorite inventions ever.

  3. It's good to know my people are out there...

    ... And not actually next to me trying to have an awkward conversation.

  4. Love Gemma!
    Her "at a party" ones always entertain me...

  5. I have never understood why people always get introverts confused with sociopaths.

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