Cel-shaded jeans

These "cel-shaded" jeans were created by decorating a pair of plain blue-jeans with markers and paint. It's a weird inversion of denim wear-fetish by way of games culture, and I could easily see it becoming the acid-wash of the mid-2010s.

Cel-Shaded Jeans Make You Look Like A Cartoon Come To Life

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  1. So many layers of meta.

    For the uninitiated, “cel-shading” is a non-photorealistic option often found in 3D rendering software like Maya, Modo, Blender, etc.

    The idea is that instead of mimicking the physics and behavior of actual light, you can automatically render animation that appears to be hand-drawn in an old-school traditional manner.

    Depending on the skill of the user, the results can look more or less successful. Here, we have a real-world object trying to look like a computer simulation of a traditional-media drawing of a real-world object. I think.

  2. Yeah, those are from borderlands.

  3. They never believe me either.
    EDIT: Carrying a portable hole helps.

  4. miasm says:

    The Royal Suite. Just Look at it.

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