/ Mark Frauenfelder / 5 pm Fri, Aug 15 2014
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  • Essential gadgets while reporting on civil unrest

    Essential gadgets while reporting on civil unrest

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    In this episode, we talk to journalist Quinn Norton, who writes about digital rights, hacker culture, copyright, and the strangeness of the world and the complexity of the people who inhabit it for Medium and other outlets. She has covered the Occupy Wall Street movement and civil unrest around the world for Wired and other publications.

    Mark's pick:

    StarTech Portable Wi-Fi Router ($36) Portable travel router fits over iPad charger and works as a repeater or as an access point. Hotels are starting to charge per device, and this is a way to fight back.

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    Image: "Policeman in riot control gear checking the equipment of another policeman. Lausanne" by Rama. licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 France license.


    Notable Replies

    1. How about that? The riot squad has a fluffer.

      Actually though, that cop seems to have green oxygen bottle on his back, so i guess he's there for anyone that has a severe reaction to getting sprayed or gassed.

    2. dobby says:

      In my years of fire/EMS including procurement I have never seen oxygen for first aid carried in a SCBA type backpack, it is not impossible but highly unlikely especially in that massive size which would be good for several hours of o2. Green mostly means oxygen but you can get bottles in various colors and the filling/hydrostat testing company probably doesn't hold anyone who spray paints a bottle to any standard, I remember clear fiberglass wrap and yellow being most common in the areas I worked.
      It also seems weird to wear a heavy compressed air SCBA to a riot when a filtration mask(which this cop is wearing) is so much lighter, maybe this is to power a pneumatic projectile launcher?

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