Robin Williams, mime (1974)


In 1974, Daniel Sorine photographed two mimes in Central Park. Turned out that one of them was Robin Williams.

More of the beautiful shots and Sorine's comments over at Petapixel.


Notable Replies

  1. Not the last time, for sure.

  2. Charlie Chaplin? Mime. Harpo Marx? Mime. (Also silent physical comedians, which is different).

    Keep in mind that 90% of everything is crap.

  3. Good mimes are no less artists than any other type of physical comedian. They're no more responsible for bad mimes than Jim Henson is for the assholes that harass tourists for money while dressed as Elmo.

  4. You silent motherfuckers!

  5. The fact that there are, so far, two Shakes the Clown references makes me happy. I love how Williams could be funny/silly and also menacing. Williams as Mime Jerry

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