Stars Below: wordless comic about a pigeon's adventures in NYC

Zack writes, "Now that MonkeyBrain Comics are DRM-free on Comixology, I wanted to promote THE STARS BELOW, a one-shot self-contained story I did with artist Rich Ellis (SUPERIOR FOES OF SPIDER-MAN, MEMORIAL at IDW)."

It's a loving tribute to New York City and the children's books I read growing up about the animals who live there. The story deals with a young pigeon who gets his first look at the stars when he's accidentally knocked into the Hayden Planetarium, and tries to fly to the top of the Empire State Building to see them again...with a very large hawk in pursuit.

The story's received rave reviews from people like Junot Di­az, David Small (STITCHES) and comics veteran Mark Waid, who called it his favorite book of the year when it came out. You can check out a short preview on Monkeybrain's website -- the full comic is 18 pages of story for 99 cents.

The Stars Below (Thanks, Zack!)