Canada's On Spec magazine crowdfunding after grant is cut

On Spec, Canada's leading science fiction magazine, faces closure after its Canada Council grant was abruptly, unfairly cancelled. They're raising funds to keep going.

On Spec is a fantastic magazine that I've read since its first issue; they were the first magazine to publish any of my work, in a special youth issue in 1988 (I was 17). This is a terrible turn of affairs for the development and nurturing of Canadian science fiction and fantasy talent.

Our little quarterly journal, On Spec adheres to a strong mandate that has served us well over the years. We discover and showcase quality works by predominantly Canadian writers and artists, in the genre we call "Fantastic" literature. We foster the growth of emerging writers in this genre, by offering support and direction through constructive criticism, education, mentoring, and manuscript development. We try to publish as many new writers as possible, alongside works by established writers, and we also endeavour to support these writings with innovative cover art for every mind-bending and emotion-provoking issue!

On Spec Magazine is creating Publishing science fiction, fantasy, horror and more!

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  1. The weird thing about this is that the more crowd funding ventures like this that succeed the less likely the powers that be will provide grants.
    I wish On Spec luck but if they succeed then they will be proving the misers right.

  2. You're right. But long term though, isn't this just a step on the road to the transfer of the economy into the hands of those who do, rather than those who own?

  3. PatRx2 says:

    This might be a case of Harper's cutbacks, but I suspect it's even more that the awards panel was composed of our purveyors of high litter-a-chur. Sci-Fi is fine when Margaret Atwood does it, but the rest of it is all penny dreadfuls, dontcha know?

  4. According to Atwood the way to tell if something is science fiction is if it has talking cabbages. smiley

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