Here's all the stuff the Pentagon has sold to local law enforcement - cheap!

Michael from Muckrock writes, "Wondering how the St. Louis County Police ended up armed with surplus military gear, and what other departments have? A FOIA request at MuckRock has turned up every item given to local law enforcement under the Pentagon's 1022 program, the mechanism by which local law enforcement can apply for surplus or used military gear."

Every item distributed to local law enforcement by the Pentagon's 1033 program over two years [Muckrock]

(Thanks, Michael!)

Notable Replies

  1. Computer, digital qty:2 price:29,530

    Must have been Macs?

  2. 166 bed sheets to AL police.


  3. Most of this gear has already been on one Mission from Gahd

  4. I wonder at what point the Pentagon ran out of surplus to get rid of, and started ordering new stuff just so they could 1033 it, like a kind of SWAT wholesaler sending out violence to local distributors, who make it available to all of us.

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