Ferguson: Survey says white people in US have way more confidence in police than black people

Shocking results from a new Pew study. [Previously]

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  1. Shocked.

    I am privileged by the random nature of my birth, and I deeply acknowledge that. I also wish I had answers for this problem, other than Don't Shoot People and Don't Arrest Just Cause Theyre Different.

  2. At least there's some ambivalence in white response rather than an overwhelming echoing of the redstate line of fascist garbage. It's not enough. It's overwhelmingly conflicted, which may be a tiny good sign in the massive pile of demographic excrement that is three generations of white Middle America.

  3. Well, all of the police we see are so nice and helpful. To us anyway.

  4. Bobo says:

    We really need a catchphrase for posts like this (like we have the "Christ, what an asshole" phrase for pendejos grandes).

    I'm going to suggest "In other NO FUCKING SHIT news..."

  5. I chuckled, but there is truth to this. Growing up in Chicago (still one of the most segregated cities in the country, and boy-howdy was it bad in the 1960s and '70s) I fell into the cusp: obviously mixed race in some way, but not with any Sub-Saharan African. (North, yes, but that's different.) This meant that I was lumped with Italians, Greeks, Jews, other Arabs, Mexicans, Asians of any stripe, etc...."colored", rather than white....except when whites felt outnumbered by blacks, in which case we were then one of them.

    Nowadays, we don't even think of Italians or Greeks or Jews as being anything other than white, Asians are super-white, Arabs usually pass unless they're wearing something to indicate Islamic tendencies (heaven forbid), and even "Hispanics" are divided into white and not-white categories. The perception of "colored" has changed, but African-Americans are still on the other side of that line.

    Like I said: when whites feel outnumbered, they'll add anyone to the party to make it seem like they still have a critical mass.

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