Is Dougiestan the first Piconation?

A micronation is an entity that claims to be, but is not recognized as, a sovereign state. Douglas Leguin has them beat: after shooting at firefighters dousing a dumpster fire and being cornered by cops, he disclosed that he is, in fact, a sovereign state too.

Notable Replies

  1. Nope, he's not the first. The "Sovereign Citizen" movement has been around awhile.

  2. Maybe this guy read Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash. Mr. Leguin's claim to sovereign status would be helped immensely by possession of a suitcase nuke.

  3. No man is a nation?1

    1 but in a bathtub you can be a whole continent.

  4. Wow, Fox News was right! Not only are we threatened by illegal immigrants from Mexico, but also from illegal Americans within the USA! Someone should build a dang fence around this guy.

  5. This is definitely a terrorism tactic. Two bombs: one to cause injuries, the second to kill, don't detonate the second one until the ambulances get there. If the word "terrorist" meant what it was supposed to mean (instead of "person the government doesn't recognize the rights of") this guy would be one of those.

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