Latest journalist arrest in Ferguson: Getty Images photographer Scott Olsen

 Scott Olson, Getty Images.

Scott Olson, Getty Images.

Acclaimed photojournalist Scott Olson was arrested in Ferguson this afternoon. He is the photog behind some of the most iconic images to come out of the 9 days of civil unrest that have followed the police shooting of Mike Brown, an unarmed black teen. [Previously]

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  1. "What's the charge, officer?"

    "Acting as an agent of Freedom. We don't allow that around here."

  2. Why are they wearing camoflauge? Is Ferguson a jungle? Or is there some fucked up psychological wish fulfillment thing with these guys?

  3. Well, it's a combination of wish-fulfillment, pack behavior, and pure idiocy.

  4. What did I miss? I haven't been following as closely as I might, but on Thursday the Rambo-wannabe local cops were out and the soft-touch, diplomatic state police were in. Are the local yokels back now? What happened?

    Edit: Well, here's one thing that was confusing me. The picture at the top of the post with the paramilitary goons is not in fact a picture of Scott Olson being arrested today, but a picture taken by Scott Olson last Tuesday. The Twitter pics further down show that today's arrest was made by (presumably) state cops with reasonable patrol uniforms and gear. Not saying that excuses anything, obviously, it just clears up some confusion.

    Silly me, thinking that the photo topping a breaking-news article might actually be a picture of the event described.

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