The worst sofa in the history of humankind


Discovered and photographed by Miss Lili Potkin, one can only gaze upon its prolapsing pink folds in lingering, speechless awe.

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  1. From their website:

    "Crafted entirely of gargantuan vaginas and leather, the ComfortSoft Relaxmax will welcome your body with a warm, soft, moist acceptance that will be just like returning to the womb."

  2. You write "worst" like giant vulvas aren't actually delightful.

  3. Makes sense... It's a 'pull-out' couch.

  4. kpkpkp says:

    That's not a sofa, it's a Japanese vending machine.

  5. Hyphen says:

    And then a steam cleaning on Sunday? Remind me never to look for spare change in your couch.

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