Can technology become a force for global equality, or is the future destined to remain unfair?

Here's video from a debate I participated in at last summer's Howthelightgetsin festival in Wales, with the BBC's Kate Russell and Steve Fuller, an advocate for creationism and transhumanism, who said some pretty silly things, as you might expect.

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  1. Fuller: "Everybody's under a lot of risk now, largely because of all the transparency."

    Humans are safer now that they have ever been. Even with the non-existent 'threat' posed by modern terrorism (especially terrorism that doesn't happen within 4,000 kms of our back yards, and which has replaced the low-level warfare that characterized just about all of human history). And posed by pollution. And by ebola. (Well, except for stupidity. That one IS a real threat to humanity.)

    Sorry, I couldn't listen to the whole thing. I'm sure there were times you wanted to pick up your chair and beat them over the head while shouting "How can you not understand this?!!??!.. Oh, maybe because your reasoning method consists of stating, for example, 'π is essentially three' then continuing '..therefore..'"

  2. jjsaul says:

    In Sum:

    "If you can't distinguish between transparency for the strong and privacy for the weak, then you are not taking the discussion very seriously."

    The dude is a "pro" contrarian. It's always been a career path, but it has become even more annoyingly common in the age of clickbait.

    His "shout-over" debate strategy makes it painful to watch.

    How did you resist breaking that finger he kept stabbing at you with?

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