Making no apologies for Potterotica

Brenna Twohy performs "Fantastic Breasts and Where To Find Them" [NSFW], a witty, epic rant about erotic Harry Potter fanfic and sexual politics.

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  1. micah says:

    Forward slash! Not backslash!

  2. so that started out quite funny.

    then shit got real.

    Thinking pretty seriously about having my 16 year old son watch that as a catalyst for a conversation about porn, erotica and the objectification of women.

  3. Win on the poetry, but girlfriend needs to lose the canned North American poetry slam accent. It obtunds the emotion and meaning of her words by verging them toward Blah blaahh bla blaaaahhh. Not all poetry slammin' poets in North America fall prey to this, but I've heard it live on both coasts and in too many recordings. I hope Brenna finds a spoken voice to match the playful and critical power of her written one.

  4. "They are part of the bigger story. They exist beyond 8 minutes in 'Titty Titty Gang Bang.' That their kegels are not the strongest thing about them [...] don't you give me raw meat and tell me it is nourishment."

    With an added head bob for emphasis on how little she thinks of "Titty Titty Gang Bang."

    She's making her point very clear, here. She thinks that masturbating to erotic literature about fictional schoolchildren is more respectable than masturbating to videos with consenting, role-playing adults.

    She tries to throw gender politics, societal pressures and sexual assault on top of it. But that's the ultimate point of what she said.

    Her kink is nourishment. Yours is raw meat.


  5. Once you have that SOUND and CADENCE
    read a few recent newspapers, a People Magazine, Wired, Vogue, Pride and Prejudice the Goat-Footed Balloon Man and any given page of Finnegan's Wake,
    then put your brain on AUTOPILOT and let your inner Markov-bot
    take OVER
    keeping JUST ENOUGH sense of presence to jump up on some piece of handy
    and not FALL OFF
    and YOU
    a SHOE
    to WIN
    probably not the PRITZKER Prize or the NOBEL prize
    but SOME sort of prize
    or at least
    a couple
    of free

    [drops mic]

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