Twitter to add "tweets from accounts you don’t follow" to timelines

So far, this has meant tweets favorited by people you do follow, but the idea is clearly to get users accustomed to feeds made of all sorts of things you can't curate—"a terrible decision on Twitter’s part, and I’ve seen nothing but complaints about it," adds John Gruber.

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  1. And by "all sorts of things you can't curate" we mean "ads, ads, and more ads, along with Premium Sponsored Content!"

  2. daneel says:

    I currently report most of the ads as spam and block the account (which doesn't make the ads go away, but feels good), I'll just keep doing that with these new ones.

  3. But it'll be a switchable option, through settings, surely?

    Won't it?

  4. In related news: free internet content to include advertising.

  5. This sounds exactly like the path tread first by Facebook and then by Google+. I don't think either met with a lot of success, but perhaps there are revenue numbers I don't see that say otherwise. The idea that social conversations are somehow like Netflix continues to be a gross error made by many who can't figure out how else to pay for their conversation platforms.

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