Battle of the butt-in-the-air arachnid superheroes

This recent Milo Manara cover painting for a variant issue of Spider-Woman #1 has generated a lot of comments on comic book enthusiast fora.

Poor J. Scott Campbell didn't get nearly the same amount of attention for his 1999 cover of Spiderman in a similar pose:

(Via Heidi MacDonald)

Notable Replies

  1. Wait, Manara is an erotica illustrator (and a damn good one at that). What the hell is he doing in the superhero comics field!?

    Edit: well I suppose it's Marvel finally admitting what they've always pretended to deny, that women in superhero comics are undercover softcore porn for teenagers?

  2. "Rabid feminists"? Geez. -1 for you.

    Context is everything. If Spiderwoman was in that pose while having kicked some bad guys asses, then it would be less an issue. Here she is just posed this way for the obvious male gaze.

  3. This is an issue I could really get behind.

  4. sw_circles

    Her neck is wrong because it's broken. Since her head is closer to us in perspective than her body, if anything, it should be forced down and to the left of the page (note the perspective of the wall top). I drew two lines to show you how far out of alignment her head is.

    It isn't that way because of "porn". It's that way to cover up a mistake on the left arm. He didn't bother to redraw them. Take a better look at it. See the place I have circled? The arm doesn't even exist because the artist "faked" it in with a little color and a lot of hair. At that perspective, her yellow glove should end before the hair falling on it. He just didn't want to have to draw that arm - which wasn't drawn from a "porn" because it isn't representing the position you think it is. Her body is at a simple slant, and she (like most comic book chicks) is herself rounded.

    One more error. The right back leg I have circled. I did it because at that angle, that foot should be dangling in space! Her left leg is forward, and her spine bent. That right leg is knee to the edge. So she should barely be able to crouch her hindquarters in that fashion at all. She's too unstable. I really doubt he was heavily focusing on a photo for this one.

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