Because American Spectator editor likes scotch, weed must remain illegal

Bob Tyrrell, founder and editor-in-chief of The American Spectator (the stupid person's idea of a smart magazine) enjoys scotch, which is sufficient reason to lock up everyone who doesn't share his taste in recreational drugs.

Both drinking and pot smoking are "coping mechanisms," he concedes, but alcohol is clearly more "civilized" because people can enjoy the taste, drink while reading or conversing, and imbibe without getting "blitzed." All this is either impossible or quite rare among cannabis consumers, Tyrrell asserts with the confidence of someone who has no idea what he's talking about.

Jacob Sullum: Because Bob Tyrrell Prefers Scotch, Marijuana Should Be Banned

Notable Replies

  1. I wonder what he might think of people who like scotch, weed, books and conversation? Because I think they would be a lot more fun to be around than this crusty old fart.

  2. The death throes of the "anglo-saxon daddy" are without irony, self-awareness, or passion and so they depart same as they arrived. nice knowin' ya, pilgrim.

  3. Consider a suave scotch and soda. One does not sit down to a scotch and soda to get blitzed, unless one is a veritable drunk. One sits down and sips a scotch and soda while conversing with friends.

    Now I'm starting to question his "rich old white dude" credentials. I've been at exclusive events where veritable titans of industry have gathered to get completely shitfaced on expensive scotch. Yes, they were conversing—but a lot of that conversation involved off-color jokes and bawdy songs.

  4. That or the six bullets. I guess we'll never really know the truth.

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