The Dystopia Chronicles, book two of the Atopia series by Matthew Mather

The Dystopia Chronicles (Atopia Series Book 2)

I've been eagerly awaiting Matthew Mather's second Atopia novel, The Dystopia Chronicles. His incredible, and eerily too believable future gets darker!

I really enjoyed the Atopia Chronicles. Mather builds a world that you can sadly visualize occurring within our lifetime. A privileged class of humans, hunkered down on an idyllic floating island, wanting for nothing while the rest of the planet struggles. Relying on a careful blend of virtual reality and science to keep their island happy, some believe their technology can save the world while others seek to get only richer!

Straying away from Atopia's format as a collection of six short stories, Dystopia is a single flowing novel that takes the story off the floating paradise. Mather also weaves in a plot line about religion in an age of science and technology, I found it kinda interesting. Clearly he is building to a very large third novel.

The Dystopia Chronicles (Atopia Series Book 2)