WATCH: Sneaky blackbird pecks people's heads

He seems to enjoy doing it!

(Via Arbroath)

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  1. Daddy Red Winged Blackbird when the nest's nearby. The only bird I've encountered that goes for a more aggressive defense is a Catbird when you're picking "its" berries.

  2. There was a bluejay that had a nest in a nearby tree that used to do this.

    The first time I got hit, I had my headphones on and had no clue what happened.

    After that, coming up on the tree, I used to let my lab run the full length of his lead and take the hit for me. He never saw the bird coming, or going, and every time he made this hilarious "WTF" face at me I just shrugged.

  3. One: people are not wearing enough hats.

  4. Those starlings look like amateur hour compared to the master of swoop and peck, the kookaburra.

    Do Not Fuck With Kookaburra. Thinking about it is just as bad, as far as Kookaburra is concerned. You've been warned. Pecking and maniacal taunting laughter afterward are the only options, according to Kookaburra.

  5. Helmets might actually provoke things, too.

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