Little girl plays with a giant fluffy Tibetan Mastiff (video, GIFs)

Simba, a two-year-old giant Tibetan Mastiff, is sweet and friendly with Weiwei. They love to play together.

This video shows Weiwei singing and cuddling her very tolerant and loving dog companion.

[Storyful via Facebook/Lin Zhihong]

Notable Replies

  1. Adorable, but entirely ruined by portrait mode video.

  2. Old says:

    Gee-whiz, even the Tibetan Mastiffs are being crushed by the Chinese.

  3. Give it a rest, grandpa; video now comes in formats other than 4:3. Also, your 8-track is obsolete.

    Please try to keep up.

  4. Hey now, my last car had an honest to FSM 8track, and Herb Alpert never sounded so great. "The President" was an epic ride.

    Now back on subject.

  5. ravuya says:

    I'd assume with a dog like that, the shedding is so bad that you must periodically burn down your house and build a new one atop the ashes.

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