Teen attack on park ranger makes top cop think of police brutality, for some reason

A skateboarder attacked and repeatedly kicked a park ranger, was arrested and charged, and will face the courts for his crime. The ranger was reportedly unharmed, despite the attack's brutality. To Philadephia police commissioner Charles Ramsey, though, this isn't an example of the justice system successfully identifying and prosecuting a suspect; it isn't even an issue of the crime at hand.

It's really about police brutality, somehow.
They don't care. They don't care. And you know, if a cop takes a guy into custody and scratches him once, then it's police brutality. Look at what we're up against. Look what we have to deal with on a daily basis.

Ramsay has evidently been made to understand the standards that cops are expected to maintain; perhaps someone could explain to him why they are not the same standards expected of criminals.