WWII was won by shirtless, grapefruit-juice-drinking men


Check out the large shell that man is handling! When they finished, they took a nice bath together:

(Via X-Ray Delta One)

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  1. The guys in that first ad look like a pair of happy mutants who would rather be doing wonderful things.

    The guys in the second ad look like they are. smiley

  2. jetfx says:

    Clearly the Nazis had no monopoly on homoerotic propaganda.

  3. WWI was fought in a thrift store?

    Back on topic, those boys sure look like they know how to ram a load into a breech.

  4. Too bad you missed the thread on Nazis and Nazi apologists!

    Cultural Marxism is the Movement Conservative / Nativist theory that a handful of Jewish refugee sociologists that escaped Hitler were able to conquer America secretly using their cosmic Jew superpowers, like Hitler warned about. To believe this, you sort of have to buy into Hitler's theories about how dangerous Jews are and how they are always able to bootstrap themselves from refugees to international puppet masters. It also sort of implies that Hitler was on the right track with the Holocaust, but he was just too much of pussy to get the job done. If Hitler had just tracked down and killed these dozen Jews, he would have saved America!

    Or maybe it's just that American conservatives were terrified of Jewish refugee sociologist and the terrible things they might say about the John Birch Society.


    Many of the conservative attacks on "cultural Marxism" have dwelt on an alleged Jewish involvement in the current. Psychology professor Kevin B. MacDonald gives "cultural Marxism" as an example of Jews "pursuing a Jewish agenda in establishing and participating in these movements.[14][15][16]

    Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik placed this critique of "cultural marxism" as a cornerstone of his ideology.[17]
    According to Richard Lichtman, a social psychology professor at the Wright Institute, the Frankfurt School is "a convenient target that very few people really know anything about.... By grounding their critique in Marxism and using the Frankfurt School, [cultural conservatives] make it seem like it's quite foreign to anything American. It takes on a mysterious cast and translates as an incomprehensible, anti-American, foreign movement that is only interested in undermining the U.S." Lichtman says that the "idea being transmitted is that we are being infected from the outside." [18] Lichtman's critique parallels that of rhetorical critic Edwin Black who demonstrated how John Birch Society co-founder Robert Welch used a similar disease metaphor in his writings and speeches during the "Red scare" era of the 1950s and 60s.[19]

    The Southern Poverty Law Center describes Lind's theory as "one that has been pushed since the mid-1990s by the Free Congress Foundation — the idea that a small group of German philosophers, known as the Frankfurt School, had devised a cultural form of Marxism that was aimed at subverting Western civilization". The SPLC reports that this theory has been taken up by "a number of hate groups".[20]

    See also David Duke on "Cultural Marxism"

    World Net Daily - "Who Stole Our Culture?"
    Spoiler alert - It was the Jews!

    White Supremacists on StormFront praising Pat Buchanan regards "Cultural Marxism"
    It's often a good idea to see how popular an idea is over at StormFront.

    "Cultural Marxism" at White Supremacist Vanguard News Network (Motto: No Jews! Just right!)

    Lyndon LaRouche on "Cultural Marxism"

  5. I don't think you get to wave off criticism of actual white supremacists because Godwin. That's not how it works.

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