Kosher pig!

Spotted yesterday on a menu at my grandparents' retirement home in Toronto: "Kosher-style porkchops." I guess if you circumcise the pig and ensure that it has a suitable Bar Mitzvah...?

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  1. thekaz says:

    Oy-nk! Oy-nk!

  2. dobby says:

    I love kosher beef bacon, it cooks way better than pork if you like a soft non-crunchy non-carbonized flavor.
    Kosher shrimp(and other non fin/scale seafood) is just pressed fish, meh taste which I think is all the same and that is obviously tricking you, like tofou fake meat.
    When cooking Chinese I make a great meal subbing lamb for pork.
    Kosher law is binding only for Jews so we aren't offended if you have a BLT or cheeseburger unless we are hungry, orthodox Jews can sell you the pork and lobster but may not not eat/cook/or benefit from a mix of meat/dairy.
    Interestingly bug infestation in food, even a salad, is the worst kosher no-no of all breaking seven commandments, yet certain locusts are kosher and eaten by Yeminite Jews.
    Kosher style always sounds funny to me, like legal style bank robbery; Jewish style or Ashkenazi/Sefardi/Mizrachi/Indian/Yeminite/Etheopian/N-Indian/Chinese/Afgani/Persian style makes more sense, no?

  3. Meh, it's no worse than, say, McDonald's offering Thai-style food, or Taco Bell offering Mexican-style food, or Olive Garden offering food-style 'food'.

    The real crime is the mashed sweet potato.

    /prefers smaller restaurants where the food doesn't look like it came out of a factory in Minnesota.

  4. Isn't "kosher pig" a Jewish policeman?

  5. it's a new york city thing. aiui, kosher delicatessens were gaining cred because they had amazing pastrami and big stacks of it. the gentiles wanted a slice of that action, but didn't want to bother with all that old testament nonsense, so "kosher-style" was born. all it ever meant was that it's delicious like a kosher deli, but not actually kosher, though i'm sure that back then no one would have had the chutzpah to serve kosher-style pork.

    and, really, aren't we all better off?

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