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6821375-large England's Western Daily Press reports that workers managed to misspell the word "BUS" during street repainting in Bristol. Officials were unavailable for comment on Monday. [via Abroath]

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  1. thekaz says:

    A double-decker bup, no less!

  2. Well, is that skill specified in the job description?

  3. You see? You see? Government employees can't do ANYTHING right! See, they made a mistake! And they probably have salaries, and even benefits!

    Unless this function of government has already been outsourced to the private sector, in which case, hey, nobody's perfect. Are you?

  4. Road painters just wanted to let everyone know that there is a pub very near to the bus stop.

  5. Have you ever hand-lettered posters? It is very easy to concentrate so much on the shapes you forget the spelling. Here's a video of the same lettering being done right...

    [vimeo 36167291 w=640 h=480]

    These people are not issued with a giant eraser, or a huge bottle of black Tipp-Ex. If you screw up you probably have to get another team with a blowtorch to take it off. Seems like they did the right thing by completing the lower word.

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