Fifteenth foot/shoe washes ashore

shoe Yet another sneaker containing a dismembered foot washed up along the Pacific Northwest coast, the 15th since 2007. This New Balance viral marketing campaign has gone too far. (Thanks, JLW!)

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  1. The news story is careful to note that the feet weren't deliberately severed, but they floated to the surface after natural decomposition eroded the joint. The shoe is buoyant enough to float the body part to shore. (and there may be many other such feet out there that no one bothered to look inside for)

    Which I guess should be reassuring, except I now must presume that the rest of the bodies have been weighted down enough to stay put. Puget Sound has become a dump for murder victims just like the storied East River.

  2. That was always what I wondered. I live in the region, and this news hardly even hits the headlines here.

    Someone told me recently that the PNW has an inordinately high number of serial killers. I don't know if that's true or not, though.

  3. Says the ethical cannibal...

  4. Look at that New Balance. Someone is killing grandads. Unmissed grandads, lured from the home with the promise of high-waist jeans and butterscotch candies.

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