Girls Just Want to Have Fun in a minor key

Another fantastic Major to Minor by Chase Holfelder. Song becomes sort of funny and ironic!

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  1. I love when a cover completely reinterprets a song. But I was kind of hoping for one of those weird frequency-shift jobs, those are amazing too.

  2. Glitch says:

    The way it changes the entire feel of the piece reminds me of this other cover I've always liked. It's just kinda amazing how the male vocals create such a weird shift in tone and context.

  3. It's a beautiful version.

  4. To me it doesn't sound funny and ironic - it sounds sad and tragic. The line "some guys take a beautiful girl and hide her away" goes from a bubbly complaint about misogyny to an almost domestic abuse level complaint about misogyny. Fascinating how just two changes- major to minor and female to male- makes such a huge difference.

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