Supporting a son who wants to wear pink shoes

Todd, who made an appearance here last year, pondering how to support his little boy who'd been scared off wearing pink; now he's back with the latest chapter in his son's life.

The Goon’s kindergarten year progressed as the Queen and I expected. He made lots of friends (the best friends all girls), charmed his teachers, and made it easy for his parents to pick out his projects at every Open House — his color motifs were always pink or purple. And in the spring, when he needed a new pair of sneakers to replace those he had so quickly grown out of, he picked a pair of pink low top Chuck Taylors. Classic Goon.

Things were great — for a month or two. Then the Goon started complaining that his new sneakers which he had proudly shown off to anyone who’d asked hurt his feet. They didn’t fit right. He couldn’t wear them anymore. The real reason once we got him to share it was exactly what you’d expect. On the bus one day, some older kids had made fun of the quiet, sweet little boy with the pink sneakers.

Where Do You Stand? [Todd Panek/Tmpisnyr]