The tape deck you probably won't be leaving for your great-grandson


"Laughing at previous generations makes me feel bad," writes John Self, "but this *is* pretty funny."

A TC-377 in good nick may fetch $50 or so on eBay.

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  1. Maybe five years ago my father got me, as a Christmas present, a fancy stand-alone cassette recorder. It has a timer (for recording radio shows, assuming your radio had a line out) and slow-speed option. An incredible white elephant. It (and the bonus dozen cassette blanks) is still in its box.

    I'm so freaking glad that Dad has never asked me how I'm using the thing. He's got maybe a month to live, so soon I'll no longer feel like I have to hang on to it. Then I suppose I could Freecycle it.

  2. Dude. Give him an audio letter, ok?

    I had a friend whose dad did audio in Berkeley in the 60s. Cleaning out the garage, he found about 100 hours of original Grateful Dead recordings. That will never happen with .mp3.

  3. It is a funny ad in retrospect, but in another way the joke's on us. Those things did last a helluva long time, but now our devices wear out so fast, sometimes in just a year or two.

  4. If you have one, I'll take it. I don't care much for my upstairs neighbor.

  5. A few high end studios are still using reel to reel tape. It's also worth noting that a good music store is the only place you can walk into and buy vacuum tubes- because that's what a quality amp or fx pedal uses.

    Laugh if you will, but cost and convenience are why these things are borderline extinct- it's not for lack of quality.

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