Renovation of power station on Pink Floyd "Animals" cover

The decaying chimneys atop London's iconic Battersea Power Station, recognizable from the cover of Pink Floyd's Animals (1977) will be "painstakingly" reconstructed to precisely match the originals as the building is turned into shops, offices, and, yep, luxury condos.
From CNN:

PinkFloyd-Animals (Front)

"The chimneys are the most powerful part of the icon," says Jim Eyre, director of Wilkinson Eyre, the architects commissioned to develop the building..."

Eyre's plans for the chimneys are emblematic of his approach towards developing the site.

"Two of them are still going to be used as flues for the massive, modern energy center that we're going to construct to power the place," he says.

"The third will remain hollow with a glass roof, and the fourth will house a cylindrical glass elevator that will pop out at the top at a viewing platform."


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  1. Fef says:

    And an upscale barbecue joint?

  2. The Great Glass Elevator!

    I can never see a Pescovitz post without remembering this:

    Now I can hear the whole BB gang getting together, and Doctorow booming out “Pesco, you idiot!” as Cory gives him noogies. And then sending him out on a beer run.

    N.B.: I made up the entire scenario.

  3. daneel says:

    How many times has Battersea Power Station been planned to be renovated?

    I'll believe it when I see it.

  4. A joke that was going around at the time of the album's release"

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