Kickstarting a line of Orwell-inspired clothes with radio-shielding pockets

"The 1984 Collection" is a line of clothing for men and women with removable, snap-in pockets that act as radio-shields for slipping your devices and tokens (cards, phones, etc) into to stop them from being read when you're not using them.

I've seen the clothing in person and it's very beautiful stuff, with lots of nice small finish, and the waxed cotton cloth is smart and distinctive looking (one warning, though: the sizing runs small; I wear a medium usually but would likely need a large for these).

The "unpocket" RFID shields are £18, the workshirts and chinos are £59 each; the blazer is £72; the jacket is £78; and the whole collection is £239.

All crowdfunding projects carry some risk, but the collection is from The Affair, a well-established clothing manufacturer with a good track record for delivering on its orders.

Choose Navy, Black or Oxblood.

* Police-grade high performance shielding to ~100 dB: physically blocks all Cellular, WiFi, GPS and RFID frequencies (13.56 MHz – 2.4 GHz)

* Internal dimensions 4.25 x 6.25 inches (11 x 16 cm): plenty of room for all but the biggest phablets plus your passport and credit cards

* Seamlessly integrates into all '1984' outerwear pieces

* Works globally with any phone on any carrier

* Water resistant waxed canvas exterior

* Free shipping anywhere

'1984' Stealth Fashion for the Under-Surveillance Society