Video: How Crayola crayons are made


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  1. Really, 'cranns'? Seems like if you can say 'Crayola' you can pronounce 'cray-on'.

  2. mutas says:

    Best PicturePicture ever

  3. This was cool, but reminded me of the cheap crayons I sometimes used as a kid. They were blocky and large and never had paper wrappers. You knew what color they were by looking at 'em, and you didn't need labels. No burnt sienna or sea foam among them. They also melted on hot days. I'd love to see what, in the manufacturing process, distinguishes them from their Crayola counterparts.

  4. When I think about crayons being made, I think of Mr Rogers.

  5. CTG says:

    Nosiree.. not watchin it. Once you see how something's made, you'll never want to eat it again.

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