X-ray of a bearded dragon that ate a Barbie doll accessory banana

It won an honorable mention in Veterinary Practice News' annual X-ray contest. (Via Neatorama)

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  1. Just look at it.

  2. Oh bOINGbOING, how generously you have contributed to my "other" bookmarks folder lo these many years...

  3. Some impressive gastronomic feats illustrated at that site. I thought that my friend's dogs were impressive, but 42+ socks and several rubber duckies? Wow!
    I need to forward this to my colleague to use for her next imaging talk.

    Edit: People might laugh at the "dumb animals" swallowing stuff, but at least they are not intentionally blocking up their colons...
    Book of odd items found inside body cavities - Boing Boing

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