Ice Bucket Challenge via air cannon

John Park says: "I built a remotely-triggered pneumatic air cannon to shoot myself in the face with ice cold water."

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  1. Here's how I responded (on FB) to John's challenge:

    So, Mark Frauenfelder and I got ice bucket challenged yesterday by the absurdly talented John Edgar Park. His challenge video was as funny and clever as I'd expect from John. He made an ice water cannon and blasted himself
    with it.

    I won't be taking the challenge. For several reasons. I have struggled my entire life with my own degenerative disease
    (severe arthritis), thankfully not as devastating a diagnosis as ALS, but still a significant life challenge. Among other things, this has left me with a fused sternum. My chest can't expand (I breathe through my stomach/diaphragm). Even mildly cold water makes me lightheaded. A bucket of ice cold water would probably make me
    pass out.

    I could just do some clever variation on the theme, without dousing myself, but I feel as though the ALS Challenge has
    played itself out. The viral nature of it (each person nominating three people) means that it could reverberate forever. That's very clever and I'm glad they got all of that money. I really hope lots of it goes to actual research. But other types of research needs funding, too.

    So, in response to John's challenge, I'm giving a donation to the Bedford Stem Cell Research Foundation. Stem cell research holds incredible promise and has been held back by religious ideology and sheer ignorance (by my lights, anyway). Bedford claims that 94% of their donations go to research.

    I challenge all of my Facebook friends to pick a type of medical research you believe in, find a worthy charity for it, and donate. If you do, please post that you've answered MY challenge and add my name to your post so I can see it.

    At least three people responded to my challenge and donated to different charities, including John himself, who also made a donation to Bedford (bless his pointy little head).

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