Laniakea: scientists' name for our cosmic home

Scientists have now mapped superculusters -- dense regions of multiple galaxies -- across space and have named our own supercluster Laniakea, Hawaiian for "immeasurable heaven." (Nature)

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  1. I'm sure scientists are hard at work measuring our Immeasurable Heaven.

  2. I haven't measured mine since I was a teenager, but I'm no scientician.

  3. pesco says:

    Yep, thanks!

  4. You're most welcome! weren't...offended by my correction? On the Internet? faints

  5. I suspect that the speed of light has us covered on this one; but your post reminds me that a number of the human groups isolated enough to call themselves some local-language equivalent of 'the people'...did poorly...when their more cosmopolitan neighbors showed up.

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