The internet's population, mapped by nationality

MAP Mark Graham's map reveals that northwestern Europe and Korea are ahead of the pack when it comes to internet penetration, while India, Indonesia and much of Africa lag behind.

The distortion in the map paints a revealing picture about human activity on the Internet. China is now home to the world’s largest Internet population at over half a billion. The United States, India, and Japan then follow as the next most populous nations of Internet users.

Looking at the largest Internet countries, we see two important trends.

First, the rise of Asia as the main contributor to the world’s Internet population; 42% of the world’s Internet users live in Asia, and China, India, and Japan alone host more Internet users than Europe and North America combined.

Second, few of the world’s largest Internet countries fall into the top category (>80%) of Internet penetration (and indeed India falls into the lowest category, at <20% penetration). In other words, in all of the world’s largest Internet nations, there is still substantial room for growth.

Internet Population and Penetration

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  1. Is internet usage directly related to more common quality-of-life indicators like not being miserably poor or illiterate? I'd like to see a map of THAT compared to this to see if there's any outliers (countries with no money or education that still are big on Facebook, or the opposite).

  2. Thought... is there some map/visualisation engine that could be fed with tables of countries (or counties, or other locations) and their data, and queried for specific combinations, and output colorized and/or deformed maps from the results?

  3. I assume that Nigeria is over-inflated because of all those emails from that one busy Prince?

  4. I want to see a side-by-side comparison between nationwide obesity rates, population, and internet usage. 'Cause this map makes it look like the US ate Canada.

  5. Considering how high Belgium's internet penetration is -- and I can attest that it is from years of firsthand experience -- it amazes me just how poorly Belgians use the internet. So few business have websites, and those that do fail to post important information like store hours, phone numbers, addresses, etc. And half of those that do fail to update, so even if the hours are posted there's a good chance you'll show up and the place will be closed anyway, or that you'll order something from a (relatively rare) online shop and it will be out of stock despite the site saying that it's in stock. About 50% of what I used the internet for in the US is impossible in Belgium.

    All that said, I think Belgians are too busy enjoying their lives to worry about whether their web sites are updated. So there's that. And beer. Lots and lots of delicious beer.

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