20 meaningful things you can do about climate change

Michael sez, "As a volunteer climate change campaigner, over the years I've seen a number of lists of things people can do about climate change. They're often unconvincing."

"Climate change is a problem of collective action, and most lists either focus on the reader as an isolated consumer and ignore questions of power, or are a bit vague ('Demand real action!')." This one by Patrick Robbins is a beauty, and also manages to be a tiny primer on climate justice, privilege, and the roles of empathy, emotion and collective action in how we mortals can shift the balance on climate issues."

6. After you’ve read about the crisis, let yourself feel grief. Don’t ignore your feelings, either through resignation or through forced optimism. Feel what you feel.

7. Talk about your feelings with your family and friends. Talk about what matters to you, about what the climate crisis threatens in your life. And when they are ready, talk with them about taking action. You will learn things that you didn’t know about your loved ones, and you will discover allies in unexpected places.

8. Find out if your local politicians have ties to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). Call out any politician that participates in or is a member of groups designed to give corporations the power to write the law.

Twenty Things YOU Can Do To Address the Climate Crisis! [Patrick Robbins/This Changes Everything]

(Thanks, Michael!)

(Image: Climate March 21/09/14 - 11 , Garry Knight, CC-BY-SA)