Stress reducing mushrooms

stress-mushroomsFirebox sells four varieties of rubber mushrooms designed to reduce symptoms of stress. They are described as being "slightly phallic" in appearance.

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  1. Somebody needs to give one of those to Michelle Bachmann along with a nice note about concern for her stress levels... Don't forget your camera.

  2. Bobo says:

    I have a similar activity that I perform without the aid of a synthetic mushroom that relieves stress.

    It works even better if you can convince someone else to do the exercise for you.

  3. No worries, real food already does the trick for her. And for Rick!

  4. I had forgotten about Rick -- now the spinning dweedle-dum twins are burned into my retina and have scarred my soul (and I don't even own it anymore).

    Edit: That needs to be the album label for John Ashcroft's Greatest Hits LP

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