/ Rob Beschizza / 4 am Sat, Nov 1 2014
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  • WATCH: a livecam of the world's largest migration of polar bears

    WATCH: a livecam of the world's largest migration of polar bears

    These wonderful creatures migrate annually, and a tiny Canadian town is one of the few settlements where their journey can be observed. Thanks to explore.org, Polar Bears International and Frontiers North Adventures, this live feed saves you a trip to the Hudson Bay.

    Welcome to the annual polar bear migration in Churchill, Manitoba. Explore.org set up 8 cameras, and rotates to the most active view for the livestream above, which we're delighted to present here at Boing Boing. Next week is Polar Bear Week, during which you will return to this page often in order to get more relaxing, enlightening polar bear action.

    "The entire endeavor isn't to raise money or help brands sell things," writes Explore.org's Zach Serveido. "It's literally to help people reconnect with the world around them, and maybe inspire some folks along the way."

    Explore.org maintains a homepage for the feeds, including archives of particularly awesome moments (fights, nuzzles, tumbles, etc) at explore.org/polarbears.

    Follow their Polar Bear blog for the latest polar bear news. Embedded below is a clip that caught two polar bears sparring; check out their YouTube Channel for more selections.

    Here are some stills! 0cYIh_4gB35RWus8UOlv0DobR173p2WjNQEqzI07CBw,DFmqM4EXPgq4amdd0BKkzsvZ5fo1Voebhguido1Bfso 2FSvqfkUOVhz0zbBcx3Ou4gp_ju5HnoSmmS48vwoaTE,QKTnNUxju_0V_RkplOtcPTkqI7QhN6NpM1E4ugxjvwk 5jdBvPar5IvsHZBgjAqOiyCdbLcFt5883HB4SuGJpcg,5aCQOpbpif57fjrIf7MxaPIXppcq8F9SXTwESNz03sk,PMGtKo6cEXE239LvNzJQgBL3T9CYxcnDeGQl8XGvYgk e_NNCwROfEY-ANZKk3qBYN6Ilc-iPR1VG9n1ze66L1A,coq6Aowztt-l_70MuFnHLzs5jKVCgvTTbBjRm990g84 EbcLzj35eR2npoz1HEAoKrpR78cfmTYIaHwuvTVCtYA,22jlmhk5-fvKHAbw89KbvEI1qODNecSGf8in_P1JYLk IjUg8FuKSgdsBeSCf-PfVVG8I1cG2gtQskTBdtKBIwg,fA_XgVbuuTNkMgWbGpN5N23Ywurc95lxtGxvzeR-qFU melBToyqdkEJZAFdT30bAutni9C5E9bNBBW5mEp25LE,hZY1tJ8hWLK9kfivIkDz-YGaiZ4aIQ_-rwaOhc5OvJc qALCW8TlsQCGIfKrz-itv32D867GTVIQhkWuFjjUK2E,fiyB_zhK12Z_TiA5wz7PSlHgxIzB-2ffd10eJuwEsHI U6F1bcnMe5VAcPTbOoe_cYWeZhNQ3z9Y5dQOFuQqpcg,o6-DBdHVHHPPuBbE-xJZ5FTgcs153EG0kfWuHYs5maY UygkM63bL-To5fOoCE_DEEb0XCiaq5ur2_ZWZSkGfdM,bfN1j3B11NrvBVNwXH5V6jQgNNGjRtv7SQwvsogwH3g VauV1gdrtTVkyIRy_T6FNtPHW7XYnTn86kqnHZCUifQ,JUKpAJBuX9L5CtqFhZPBpi71sGJMElU0UE50xZnqd1w