Photos of abandoned discotheques


Photographer Antonio La Grotta captures the lost decadence inside abandoned discotheques in Italy.

"Discotheques, the symbol of 80s and 90s hedonism, were fake marble temples adorned with Greek statues made of gypsum, futuristic spaces of gigantic size, large enough to contain the dreams of success, money, fun of thousands people," he writes. "And then the dreams are gone, people disappeared and nightclubs became abandoned wrecks, cement whales laid on large empty squares, places inhabited by echo and melancholy."

Paradise Discotheque (via Beautiful Decay)


Notable Replies

  1. Creepy, but then again dance clubs are often inherently creepy when not in use.

  2. I wish there were more interiors. I've always wondered what discotheques look like without the sensory overload of crowds and flashing lights.

  3. In a word: depressing.

  4. Sim0n says:

    One morning I had to go on a trek through all my previous nights locales because I lost my keys at some point in the night (and only realised it when I woke up the next day). The stench that is present in the daytime when they're empty and "clean" is worse then I imagined it would be.

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