Dumping a huge bag of plastic balls onto an escalator

It's almost a perpetual motion machine, and is absolutely a source of infinite amusement! (via JWZ)

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  1. It was nice seeing them cleaning up at the end. I must admit that tempered my enjoyment because I kept wondering if they were just going to wander off and leave it for someone else to clean up after.

  2. Rosslyn, VA is home to the longest escalator in the world. Just sayin'...

  3. Once upon a worknight dreary, I sat eating my food court rations attempting to find a suitable person to watch. From the left I saw the tip of a shopping cart ascend the elevator. I expected some grunts and moans as the exhausted shopper struggled to force the cart over the lip. Yet the cart contained none of its traditional consumer accoutrements. The cart sat patiently as the stairs propelled it to the top. Only the escalator lacked the force to nudge the cart those last few crucial steps. The ground slid from the shopping cart's front wheels and the back wheels dropped a step. clunk The escalator pushed it back to the top. The back wheels dropped another step. clunk Again, back to the top. The back wheel fell another step. clunk This last tumble carried a little extra momentum and the cart stood up on its back axle. The stairs underneath moved the shopping cart's rotation point under its center of gravity, and for a few fleeting moments, the shopping cart stood upright. Then tipped back. I could only hear the carnage. Metal on metal clanging, artificially prolonged by the relentless upward force. The entire food court turned to look, but saw nothing. I saw, in my mind's eye. I could envision the shopping cart stuck in an infinite loop, like a stuntman having another one of those dreams again. I tried to calculate the angular rate of the cart versus the linear velocity of the escalator. Could they, perhaps, be in sync? Could I sit for the rest of my dinner break, letting this unique mall cacophony roll over me? Alas, no. The clanging stopped. I stood up and tip-toed to the edge of the escalator. At the foot, with one wheel brushing the lips of endless stairs, I saw the cart lay triumphant, flanked by two angry mall cops. I ducked away before they could see me. Perhaps they would interpret my enjoyment as complicity. I walked back to my table and ate my food, smiling all the while, slowly drawing up house plans to include a regulation-length escalator.

  4. Sheesh, white people. Seriously?

  5. The Tigger (Tg)

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