IBM's banking security software demands the right to spy on you

IBM's Trusteer Rapport is a security package that many banks recommend to their customers -- but its latest license agreement includes this gem:

"[you agree lot let] the Program remotely to collect any files or other information from your computer that IBM security experts suspect may be related to malware or other malicious activity, or that may be associated with general Program malfunction."

In other words, IBM is allowed to gank any file on your computer, if it thinks it looks suspicious, and if that file turns out to be sensitive, confidential, or compromising, tough shit.

Bank Security Software EULA Allows Spying On Users

(Image: EULA Hotel, San Francisco, Anne Roth, CC-BY)

Notable Replies

  1. But it's okay, because everybody reads every line of every EULA and you can decline them if you want to.

  2. miasm says:

    remotely to collect any files or other information from your computer


    By reading this comment you agree that all your base are belong to us.

  3. toyg says:

    My bank asks me to install Rapport every. single. time. when I log on to their website. It wanted to install some hijacking crap into the browser, so i said no thanks and purged it with fire. Geeks will avoid this nonsense, but I feel for the average consumer; it's just another day for you and me in bankers' paradise.

  4. My credit union is so primitive. They just keep my money safe and give low-interest loans.

  5. toyg says:

    In the UK, Coop is as ethical as they come. And they do ask you to install Rapport.

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