London: the dead-eyed banker psycho dream


"Its protagonist lives in a world of almost continual night, with the hungry eyes and dead affect of an Ayn Rand wet dream: his world is constituted of chrome, glass, a palette of white-to-taupe, a spatter-pattern rug and one book, a single book, on graphic design" - Piercepenniless on the Redrow London property development promo video.

Flat-toned, void affect, social cancer in a suit: a model for London living. Here’s a curious honesty about it all: houses in the suburbs are marketed still for the smiling happy family, all oak tables and smiling coffee mornings (in zone 4, the dog never even barks, let alone bites). In the central zones, having been cleared of many of their inconveniences (families, communities, *life*), now deadboxes are marketed to the single (wannabe singular) sub-Thatcherite dweeb who manages his violence only on a balance sheet, who wants to take life, pin it, and crush it behind plate glass. Let us burn it down.

Violence, glass, steel

Update: The video was taken down from Vimeo, but The Telegraph ripped it. — Rob.

Notable Replies

  1. Shuck says:

    Standard grammar is for the plebs. Real economic übermen construct their own grammatical realities.

  2. I dunno. Usually, when I finish watching pompous commercial douchebaggery like this I vocalize "Ah...Fuck you!"

    I just did so. Twice.

  3. My first thought while watching this was, "They never watched America Psycho"; then, "They saw American Psycho but misconstrued it as utopian rather than ironic", and then it occurred to me that enough money must make one oblivious to irony.

  4. To look out at the city which could have swallowed you whole, and say “I did this.”

    Unless you’re Christopher Wren, no you fucking didn’t, you delusional nutter.

  5. SWM 34 y.o., vain, selfish, basically soulless, has burnt last remaining shreds of humanity in the flames of overweening ambition, seeks medium-term relationship with SWF 29 y.o. or younger, to assume the role of high-end escort girl whilst effectively pretending our liaison is not monetarily binding. Must have experience discreetly handling drunken rages. Interior decorating skills will be advantageous. Am flexible in personal grooming but ludicrous mustache is nonnegotiable.

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