Watch this adorable 16-month-old baby "read" from cards

This video is four years old, and the 16-month-old kid in the video is now more than 5 years old. Wonder how his reading and comprehension continued to evolve!

As many online have pointed out, he is recognizing shapes and symbols, rather than truly reading -- but who cares? Dad is spending dedicated time helping to open up baby's mind.

From his dad's YouTube account, first posted in March, 2010:

This is a new game we play with Torin. He is 16 1/2 months old now (3-13-2010) and he learned all the words in the Your Baby Can Read program a few months ago. I have made him new cards to continue his language development and everyday he learns 1-5 new words.

I'm amazed at how much interest this video is getting after 4 1/2 years. If you'd like to see more videos of Torin or his brothers and the cool things they can do, check out my channel page.

A quick google shows that the "Your Baby Can Read" program is quite controversial, and was the subject of FTC action and a class action lawsuit. Your baby can't actually read, is the bottom line--but that doesn't mean that the system can't help them learn.

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  1. As many online have pointed out, he is recognizing shapes and symbols, rather than truly reading...

    As if the difference is obvious.

  2. This is also basically the only option for learning to read Chinese (memorizing words), so if that's literacy in Chinese I think it counts in English too.

  3. Big deal! Throw those same cards on the floor and I could pick up the right ones, too!

  4. My kids have been reading text from flashcards since they were a few weeks old. The trick is to just buy some blank index cards and write "THBBBBBTGGGTTT" on them.

  5. What a bunch of cranks and cynics in this thread.

    Having worked in the field of early childhood development, I can say -- rather definitively - that many empirical, longitudinal studies have shown a direct correlation between this type of activity and both literacy and learning, Is the kid actually "reading"? Of course not. BUT he is building the foundation by associating all those shapes with language and meaning. At the stage this little guy is at...the key process is cognitive development. Recitation is a good thing.

    Families cannot begin early enough with this. Reading and talking are only the start of the benefits. It most definitely is worth the time and effort...not to mention the simple joys of conversing with the child.

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