New net neutrality legislation not needed, says White House

A general view of the White House in Washington September 30, 2013 [REUTERS/YURI GRIPAS]

A general view of the White House in Washington September 30, 2013

Reuters is reporting that the White House today said "legislation was not necessary to settle so-called "net neutrality" rules because the Federal Communications Commission had the authority to write them."

Republicans in Congress are trying to drum up support for a bill that would counter the FCC's upcoming new rules. The Obama administration's comments, while not entirely rebuffing the legislative effort, could make some Democrats wary of joining it.

"In terms of legislation, we don’t believe it’s necessary given that the FCC has the authorities that it needs under Title II," a White House official told Reuters. "However, we always remain open to working with anyone who shares the president's goal of fully preserving a free and open internet now and into the future."

At stake is what rules should govern how Internet service providers (ISPs) manage web traffic on their networks to ensure they treat all Internet content fairly. At the heart of the latest phase in the debate over the rules is what legal authority should guide regulations.

"Exclusive: White House says net neutrality legislation not needed" [reuters]

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  1. Another thing Obama bends to the right on.

  2. Exactly the attitude I've come to expect from this president. Rather than enshrine net neutrality in law, Obama would turn it over to a thoroughly captured alphabet agency headed by politically appointed lobbyists. That makes it so much easier to gut fine-tune that neutrality in the future, to maximize profits protect the children / foil the terrorists / preserve our freedoms by putting them under lock and key..

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